Tuesday, July 10, 2012

pfSense NTP and network sneakery

Synchronising time on a network can be a real pain. Generally, the way to go about it is to configure one or more servers on your network as the time keeper and then configure all other hosts on the network to sync against these servers. Many networks achieve this with active directory and a time server option set in their DHCP server configuration. Some network administrators configure hosts to sync against the same pool of time servers on the Internet, while others leave hosts to use whatever default time configuration they have out of the box.

One pfSense wireless config to rule them all

Configuring wireless for pfSense has been the cause of some confusion for many an unsuspecting first time user. I think this probably has something to do with pfSense being so flexible and the myriad of different ways wireless can be configured. In this post, I'll detail two different configurations and the howto of each so you can decide which is right for your setup.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

pfSense initial configuration with ADSL WAN

In this post, I'll show you how to configure your pfSense router to connect to the Internet and act as a firewall for your LAN. We will set the firewall up to deny all inbound traffic while preforming Network Address Translation (NAT) for our LAN traffic going out. We will even do some tricky network NATs to route to our modem which will be configured in bridge mode and connected to the WAN port.
First login to your newly installed pfSense router by using a web browser to connect to the IP address configured during initial boot.

Login with the default username / password, 'admin' and 'pfsense'.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Installing pfSense on ALIX 2-3

It's always exciting when new hardware arrives! This is a basically a little computer on which I'll be installing pfSense, a fully featured and free routing distribution based on FreeBSD. If you're interested in doing the same, check out the following post to find out how.

ALIX 2-3 from Yawarra